Sacsac is about "knowing and making"
We are engaged in various activities.

Cookie-shaped museum
Cookie Cutter Museum

Art, Culture, History, Ethnicity, Science, Nature,
A cookie-shaped museum that has a wide variety of world-wide existence.

Learn the meaning of the collection through cookie molds,
You can bake cookies, appreciate them, and eat them.

From among all the many things in the world,
Select the motifs you want to have as a cookie-shaped museum,
Manufactured and held.

In everyday life,
"Cooking" is the most familiar manufacturing.

In the manufacturing of cooking, you can visually take in your own hobbies,Cookie-shaped was a tool that allows you to naturally experience the fun of making.

Enjoy knowing fun, making fun, and eating the resulting cookies with friends, family, and customers,I hope that many people will enjoy it.

Not only the standard products we have in our store,
We also make custom-made cookie molds.

For the first five years of our activities, we have received requests for more than 6,000 custom-made molds, and everyone enjoys them.

In addition, exhibitions, special exhibitions, museums, etc.,We also make limited cookie types that can only be purchased on the spot on various occasions.

From one to mass production, we will respond according to your wishes.

Miracle Escher Exhibition
Ueno Royal Museum→ Abe no Harukas Museum © Shin Fujita

50th Anniversary Daisen 厓 Zen Heart Gathers Here
2016 Iedo Museum of Art

Jomon Exhibition 2018
Tokyo National Museum

Suzuki Soichi
Standard-bearer of the Edo Rinpa School 2016
Suntory Museum of art→ Himeji City Museum of Art→ Museum of Art, Tokyo

Jakuchu Ito 300th Anniversary
2016 Hoson Art Museum
"Jakuchu's Kyoto KYOTO"
2016 Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

Genealogy of Eccentrics - Edo Painting Miracle World 2019
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Maruyama Ozo to Modern Kyoto Art World 2019
Tokyo University of the Arts University Museum of Art→ The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

Special Exhibition "Singkushi" 2019-2020
Tokyo National Museum→ Kyushu National Museum

Other Collection
Develop various items with the theme of "knowing and making"

In addition to the various motifs of the world that are also developed in the cookie type, motifs that could not be developed with the cookie type were added, and various items such as brooches, masking tape T-shirts, mugs, etc. were developed.

There are also items made on a whim by the manager, such as "FUUTOO", a kit that allows you to handcraft envelopes using your favorite paper, and Mamlengo dolls.

Other Collection is here (currently being prepared)