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Make color images / photos cookie-shaped

Make color images / photos cookie-shaped

In the plan for making original cookie molds from color images and photos, we will create illustrations for making cookie molds at our shop based on your favorite images and themes.

You can check the illustration (one minor correction of the illustration) before making the mold.

If you have a desired image, please let us know before creating the illustration so that we can get closer to the finish that matches the image.


Here are some of the expressions that can be made using the cookie type.

See how to express using cookie type

1. Make a concave pattern

Concave pattern illustration
Concave pattern finish
Character is the pt number of the font
Line thickness is in mm
  • Press the cookie dough with dots, lines, and surfaces to make it dent.
  • If the finest part has a line width of about 0.6 mm, it can be processed, and fine expressions such as characters and patterns are possible.
  • The larger the dented line or surface, the weaker the shadow effect and the more vague the impression compared to the thin line.

2. Make a convex pattern

Convex pattern illustration
Convex pattern finish
Character is the pt number of the font
  • Make the cookie dough convex by pressing it with dots, lines, or surfaces.
  • Convex patterns are possible if the design is relatively simple.
  • Detailed expressions are not suitable, and you need to press the stamp type more strongly than the dented pattern type.

3. Add a watermark

Watermark illustration
Openwork finish
  • Stamp the cookie dough and cut out the unnecessary parts.
  • We don't recommend being too complicated, but it is possible with a simple design.
  • If you use the uneven pattern in addition to the watermark pattern, the number of parts will increase, so we will quote separately.

4. Three-dimensional expression

Make a hand cookie mold
Change the shape and bake
Change the shape and bake
  • By deforming the die-cut cookie before baking it, you can make it a three-dimensional shape.

01 Order flow

01. Please prepare an image or illustration

Based on the theme and image you received, we will create a line art based on the tracing work.

Although it is not in the image, we can respond to requests such as "I want to put such characters around here" if you tell us at the time of request.

Check the points of the image you prepare

Please prepare images with gradation, color images, photographs, AI data, images when ordering by theme, etc.

  • Based on the image you received, we will create an illustration for making cookie molds with SACSAC.
  • If you wish to mass-produce, please contact us in advance because there are more restrictions during manufacturing than manufacturing only one piece.

Illustration example that cannot be supported

Illustrations that include the following elements are not supported by this plan.

Difficult to pick up motif lines


Size is too small
The resolution is too low


The solid line is not clear / the line is faint and cannot be identified


Too complicated


The background depends on the illustration / There is an expression that blocks the illustration


Tips and precautions for unevenness when becoming a cookie

When there is a wide range of dents when it becomes a cookie

In the illustrationThere is a black part in a wide rangeIf, from the impression of the illustration when it becomes a cookieQuite weakI can see it. If you make a solid black part a line art, you can express it with clear lines.

Lines are more effective than solid black!


  • Example) If the hair part is solid black, the entire hair will be concave when it becomes a cookie, so the unevenness effect will be less than expected.
  • This is not the case when you want to use a wide surface as a solid black background to make the background look one step lower than the others.

If you want to make the cookie pattern convex

If you want to make the pattern convex when it becomes a cookieWhite pattern in a wide range of solid blackI will make an illustration to put. The pattern at this time isSimple designrecommend.

Avoid fine patterns and express with thick lines


Note: It is possible to make fine patterns, but it may be difficult to use because it is necessary to press the stamp mold strongly.

About designation of cut line (hollow position)

Select the position to cut out the cookie from one of the following three types.

Outermost line
I need an illustration where the outermost line does not touch the inner pattern


A little outside


Along the outer concave pattern


If you would like other cut lines, we will process them according to the instructions in the illustration.

If you leave the cut line position to us, we can also make it with the optimum cut line at our shop.

Points when uploading with illustration data such as .ai

The line thickness must be 0.6mm (1.701pt) or more.

Line with intonation


  • If the line is not thick enough, thicken the entire illustration so that the thinnest part of the illustration is 0.6mm or 0.8mm.
  • If the thickness of the main line is 0.6 mm or more and there is inflection in the thickness of the line, no particular correction is made.
  • AI data (path data) may be thickened only in thin parts as needed.

About the distance between adjacent lines

The distance between the lines must be 1.2 mm or more.

  • If the lines are too close to each other, the cookie dough may become clogged or may not be expressed, so if it is 1.2 mm or less, the illustration may be modified.
  • If there are many corrections in our shop, make an original cookie mold from color images and photos!
    Information may be ¥ 5,000 (excluding tax).

About the expression of short lines and dots

Short lines or dots that are too fine will reduce the strength of the mold.

  • The point must be 1 mm or more, the line length must be 2.5 mm or more, and the distance between points must be 1.2 mm or more.

When there is a break in the thin part / illustration

If there is a thin part in the illustration as shown below, set the cookie hollow position (red color line) on the outside of the illustration.

There are multiple objects (eg sunshine)


There are thin parts (eg hands, feet)


The outline is broken


About size
● Cookie type size:8cm-8cm
If you would like a larger model, please contact us for + ¥ 500 (excluding tax) per 1 cm size increase.
You will be asked to specify the "size (vertical) of the mold and the position of the cut line" when uploading the image, theme image, etc., so decide it.

02. Please send the illustration to sacsac by using the submission form or by mail.

Please submit illustrations, images, and data using the submission form below.

Click here for submission

data form: Jpg / pdf / ai / psd / HEIC / GIF / PNG
Image resolution: 150dpi or more* Confirmation required

1 Data capacity is up to 5MB (If you have a large capacity, please send it to

We also accept mail.
Mailing address: 274 Kitagomon-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0815, Kyoto Prefecture, addressed to sacsac

03. Check the illustration with sacsac and modify it if necessary

We will contact you if you need to make major corrections from the original.

04. After the illustration is decided, the delivery date will be confirmed

We will send you an email with the illustrations created and modified by our shop.
After checking, if there is no problem, proceed to production.

  • Please check the illustration, and if you need to make corrections, we will only make minor corrections once.
  • Additional charges may be incurred if radical modifications are required.

After confirming the illustration, for making the mold4 business days on average, From product shipment to arrival2-3 daystakes.

Illustration size
Confirmation / decision!

For making molds
About 4 business days on average

After shipping and by arrival
About 2-3 days

* Shipping to Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands, and overseas is not limited to this.
* Please contact us if you would like a short delivery time.

05. You have your own cookie type!

I would be grateful if you could introduce the completed cookie on SNS etc. with "#sacsac".
* Please note that you cannot choose the color of the cookie type.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please tell me the save format of the image.
Data format: jpg / pdf / ai / psd / HEIC / GIF / PNG
Image resolution: 150dpi or higher * Confirmation required
1 data capacity up to 5MB
If you have a large capacity, please send it to
* Please prepare white and black illustrations and images that do not include gray.

How big can a cookie mold be made?
You can make it in any size as long as it is within 8 cm to 8 cm. If you want a larger model, we will charge + ¥ 500 (excluding tax) for each 1 cm size increase.
* Depending on the illustration, it may be difficult to create the desired size.

I'm not confident in expressing unevenness ...
If you get lost in creating data"Make an original cookie mold from color images and photos! ¥ 5,000 (excluding tax)"Please select. I will create an illustration with sacsac.

Is it possible to check the illustration data before purchasing?
Check the data before purchasingThis formPlease contact us from.

I want you to make it in the shortest delivery time
We will do our best to accommodate you.
Yu-Packet is used for normal shipping, but it usually takes 2 to 3 days to ship and arrive.You will be charged for shipping, but select "Yu-Pack" as the delivery method.If you can, it will arrive in the shortest time.

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